• Spring 2019 Updates

    We are excited to announce that ShineOn is one of the 7 (out of nearly 70) teams to be in CU Boulder's accelerator, CatalyzeCU, this summer!  With top tier mentors, funding opportunities, and an excellent cohort, we plan on having bike lights ready for you to order by the end of summer!  Keep your eyes & ears out for news on our Kickstarter and when to find us in stores!
  • Winter Newsletter 2018-19

    Welcome to the first ShineOn Newsletter, filled with exciting updates from our team and info on local biking events!  We want to thank you for being an early supporter of our product!  We look forward to sharing our adventure with you as we prepare for launching a better bike light on kickstarter and a retail release over the next year.  Please feel free to share this with friends!
  • So It Begins...

    So, it begins…a quest for a simple solution to what has turned into a timeless problem. Cyclists from all walks of life have been invisible for too long, an endangerment to themselves, a hazard on the road and an accident waiting to happen. Alex Mulvaney and Kathy Vega figured that it was finally time to shine a light on the dangers of night riding. These dangers they discovered, did not lie in bikers not seeing the road – but motorists not seeing bikers, which in return means, a brighter bike light by no means is a safer bike light.