So It Begins...

So, it begins…a quest for a simple solution to what has turned into a timeless problem. Cyclists from all walks of life have been invisible for too long, an endangerment to themselves, a hazard on the road and an accident waiting to happen. Alex Mulvaney and Kathy Vega figured that it was finally time to shine a light on the dangers of night riding. These dangers they discovered, did not lie in bikers not seeing the road – but motorists not seeing bikers, which in return means, a brighter bike light by no means is a safer bike light.

ShineOn took this insight and after about 7 months of research, product development, strategizing and networking a near fully functioning prototype has been created and sights are set on the next step of production. With countless hours of work logged in the book and a new garage-office setup thanks to endless cups of coffee during the wee hours of the morning, the ShineOn team is excited to start saving the lives of our fellow riders. ShineOn is introducing lights that illuminate the rider, the lost variable. Stay tuned to hear about just how co-founder, Alex Mulvaney had that aha moment.

Shine On Pitures002Kathy and Alex test the newest, most improved ShineOn concept.

Shine On Pitures020Alex is seen posing with the light, so bright he seems to be bewildered.

Shine On Pitures031Pieces of the ShineOn bike light await patiently as they are being put together.