About Us


At ShineOn, our mission is to remove barriers to sustainable transportation. Our company was founded to improve the world by making cycling a safer activity in order to reduce pollution, reduce carbon emissions and allow people to live happier and healthier.   Safer biking will encourage a wide variety of consumers, including both avid and new bicycle riders, to make healthier and eco-friendly transportation choices. We make the world a safer place by providing cyclists with a simple solution to greatly improve their visibility to motorists and other cyclists.



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Alex studies Aerospace Engineering at CU Boulder and studied business before working as a professional chef. Most recently, Alex was the Program Manager for a $500,000 satellite project at CU Boulder where he organized people’s efforts and worked with students to develop their skills in preparation for their future careers. As a cycling commuter himself, Alex thoroughly understands the safety challenges a cyclist experiences daily. His personal experiences inspired the ShineOn design. In his daily life and with his Life, Alex simply strives to make a net positive impact on the world. Connect with Alex!







Before moving to Colorado in pursuit of a second bachelor’s in Engineering Physics at CU, Kathy was a teacher in Los Angeles, CA. As a first generations college student, Kathy was motivated to engage in socially conscious work and promote diversity in underrepresented decision-making environments, leading her to study Political Science at UC Berkeley.  She has since been intentional in her work across disciplines from teaching at middle schools is south LA to working on various research & engineering projects, like studying Antarctica’s glaciers and assembling small satellites. Her personal interests in STEM, entrepreneurship, and the outdoors motivate her to create a platform that will unite and empower other women around the world. She seeks to promote opportunities for adventure, health, and safety through ShineOn.  Connect with Kathy!







Taylor is pursuing a degree in Business Administration at CU Boulder's Leeds School of Business. Taylor is a budding entrepreneur who has founded two companies and has previously worked on sales and marketing for a number of startups. Taylor is originally from North Carolina where he began his work with startups. His personal interests include digital marketing, entrepreneurship, hiking, camping, snowboarding, and climbing. Connect with Taylor!







Luke is a sophomore at CU boulder, studying Mechanical Engineering. He excelled at engineering in high school with personal projects, and is excited to apply his creativity toward an entrepreneurial engineering project he’s passionate about.  Luke’s other interests include skiing and playing hockey.  Luke aspires to have a career mitigating environmental destruction and reversing the effects of climate change. Connect with Luke!