Alex Mulvaney, CEO & CoFounder

Alex studies Aerospace Engineering at CU Boulder and studied business before working as a professional chef. Most recently, Alex was the Program Manager for a $500,000 satellite project at CU Boulder where he organized people’s efforts and worked with students to develop their skills in preparation for their future careers. As a cycling commuter himself, Alex thoroughly understands the safety challenges a cyclist experiences daily. His personal experiences inspired the ShineOn design. In his daily life and with his Life, Alex simply strives to make a net positive impact on the world. Connect with Alex!

Kathy Vega, COO/CTO & CoFounder

Before moving to Colorado in pursuit of a second bachelor’s in Engineering Physics at CU, Kathy was a teacher in Los Angeles, CA. Kathy’s prior degree in Political Science from UC Berkeley motivates her to be socially conscious and intentional with her work.  Kathy has worked on various research and engineering projects, from studying Antarctica’s glaciers to assembling small satellites. Her personal interests in STEM, entrepreneurship, and the outdoors motivate her to create a platform that will unite and empower other women around the world. She seeks to promote opportunities for adventure, health, and safety through ShineOn.  Connect with Kathy!

Bryanna Myall

Bryanna is pursuing a degree in Business administration with a double emphasis in marketing and management. She enjoys art specifically making pottery and hopes to sell her own work someday. As an involved student she also works as a receptionist at the University Memorial Center. Bryanna came to Boulder hoping to enjoy all aspects of each season especially the snow! 

Cedric Leedy

Cedric is pursuing a bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering at CU Boulder and has been a SolidWorks Associate for over five years, which has given him experience in designing and prototyping. He has worked on various projects throughout his degree and has directed students involved in the STEM program. As a native to Boulder, Colorado and an outdoor enthusiast who has been biking for over two decades, Cedric understands the struggles and dangers a rider at night faces and believes everyone should feel safe when riding.