That Aha Moment

Every business has that aha moment where the lightbulb goes off, when its inventor knows the flash of an idea has the potential to turn into a tangible reality. That lightbulb moment finally connected in Alex’s head after years of bike commuting at night. After temporarily being blinded by a passing biker every night on the commute home, it was clear that a super bright bike light had its unintended consequences. Every night, Alex would bike home and cross paths with this same person who would in return, accidentally restrict his vision with his super bright light. It wasn’t the bikers fault, it wasn’t Alex’s fault, it was a mere symptom of the larger problem at hand. A brighter light is not a better light. That is what ShineOn looks to solve with the new double sided illuminating technology. With several prototypes in the works, a question that Alex still gets is why has someone else not done this yet, if it is such a simple solution? Our answer for you – ShineOn Bikes is that someone else. We realized nobody else did this, even in a saturated market, where competition is all the same. They market a bright light, we are here to bring the right light, a smarter one.


Small electrical components and tools sit and wait to be put together.


Alex works on manufacturing components for the ShineOn bike light.